I went decided to go with the drink more water idea and I’m some what pleased with the results. My purpose behind the project/ ad was to raise peoples awareness to drinking more water. More people should be reaching for a glass of FREE water or filling up a water bottle with FREE water. The cost benefits of drinking water are enough alone but my main point was increase peoples health. Like i stated in my earlier post about my idea, around seventy five percent of Americans are walking around dehydrated everyday. So i wanted to create another witty imagine to try and make people stop and think ands hopefully go for a water instead of a sugary soda or energy drink. So my plan was to create an enticing image of a refreshing glass of water and print this huge (24×36”) glass of water and place is by some vending machines. I also played around and switched little sayings i was going to put in the water. I started with the seventy five percent stat but decided against it an went with a more well know slogan, “it does a body good”. Getting the text to read the right way and not look written across the image was challenging as well.  Well i’ve printed large before and I decided last minute to change my mind and try printing this glass of water on transparency. Unfortunately The largest transparency i could come up with was 8×10″ but it still looked pretty cool. Now for the hardest part of this entire project….finding a place to put this transparency. Little did I know how much more difficult it was to place this somewhere and it still be legible. Fortunately the 8×10’s weren’t too expensive so i was able to have three of them printed and decided i would put up multiple images instead of just one large one. I placed one on this opaque backlight window, one on a tile wall and one inside of a refrigerator. All in all I’m kind of 50/50 on the project. i think a larger transparency print would have been cooler.


Water Glass location 1 location 2 location 3



Path to National Map


I decided to create my map based off of a trip i took last year with Towson University’s Roller Hockey Club to Salt Lake City Utah for the NCRHA national championship. I’ve never traveled off of the east coast before so flying out to Utah was an extremely memorable trip for me. Once i started placing all of the major stops it made me realize how much travel was involved between all of the airports and connecting flights. The map it self is fairly straight forward, I chose all of the major stops and destinations of the trip and marked them on the Google Maps’s map. Using the Google Map helped to narrow down some idea for the final project/image. I thought i had an idea for the final map using a hockey rink and the images from the google map but when i sat down and started to placed everything together things just didn’t look the way i had imagined so it was back to the drawing board. I was stumped for a while, creating a handful of different designs but not like any of them. I finally decided on a design which consisted of taking a blank United States map and transforming it in photoshop to give the illusion of depth. I also enlarged the state of Maryland to show the actual stop because Maryland doesnt have a lot of open space to work with. This was starting to look more like what i had in mind. I still used the photos of each stop from the google map but them placed each image on a polaroid giving them a more photo feel. I also wrote the location and title of each stop across the bottom of the Polaroid. After getting all of the photos where i wanted i opened to file in illustrator which was where the most difficulties showed up. Small tasks were difficult for me and became very frustrating but once i started things eased up. I darkened each state that we stopped in with grey not color so that it didn’t interfere with the color coordinated dots on each photo.

I decided to make a map displaying the travel path i took with Towson University’s Roller Hockey team went to the national championships in Salt Lake City Utah. When i started to map everything out I really started to see that it wasnt just point “A” to point “B” there were multiple fights and car rides. 



Right at the beginning of the article i loved reading the different exercises some of these artist did like providing a tour of New York with a map of Copenhagen. The one i liked the most was where Jean Hester  hung maps with markers around New York  with questions like “what smell reminds you of home? and where was the last time you cried?”. I think this is such an awesome idea that could produce some awesome and vey interesting results. The idea of having people answering a question without words is great. This causes people to connect memories with a location instead of explaining it. Everyone that would see the map would look at each location circled would have a different smell or feeling.  On the second page of this article i really liked the idea off walking with a purpose or with the algorithm they used. Starting in one end of a city or a particular place and walking with certain direction/patterns and recording you trail and spots at the end of each stop would be awesome. Marking your path on a map would leave an awesome path across somewhere.


I can really appreciate Will’s feeling of walking really blows back the years. This makes me think that walking through a city you get to spend time in the places that normally would would just blow by in a car or bus and never know it was there. Walking allows us to appreciate the aging of our surroundings. Driving through a city and walking just yield two very different experiences. Will also said that people dont know where they are anymore, that walking was the only way of exploration. I agree with him, im sure a lot of people dont know how to get around with out their cars or they would only be able to navigate via the way they drive.


I found an interesting point on page twenty-three talking about how where we dwell affects us in multiple ways. The reading says that dwelling in a place long enough causes us to make it the center of our lives. Like our homes, dwelling and living there for a huge chunk of our lives influences our way of life. The reading also went on to say how where we live contributes immensely to our cultural and social identity meaning that the location of our home will influence the way we live. Basically someone that grows up in New York city will most likely live a different way than someone that grew up in South Dakota.


All three readings were pretty interesting. I think  I found the first one, “A New Way of Walking” the most interesting though. The idea of turning walking into an activity and not just a mean of transportation or a way to get around if you dont have a car sounds like such an awesome idea. Also with Will Self”s interview his journey about how he came to walking miles was an amazing story to read.


          For my ad, i decided to tackle the issue of junk food in movie theaters. I currently work at a movie theater and constantly see people just pigging out on junk food. I find it disturbing that with todays over weight problems people still make the poor decision to over eat on the junk food. So i decided the take the line, “a pictures worth one thousand words” and twist it with “a picture (like motion picture) is worth one thousand calories”. I did this in hopes to raise attention to what we eat while sitting down and doing nothing. I decided to shoot the photo in a movie theater with my subject completely pigging out on popcorn, nachos, candy, soda and a hot dog. I put ketchup and mustard and crumbs on his face and popcorn in his lap to give it that slob like feel. For the public space i thought it would be funny to place the ad in the theater lobby in one of the movie poster cases. I printed my ad at 24″x36″ which was actually still to small but i made it work. it was funny to see people walk by with arms full of snacks and then laugh about themselves. I also had the employee at Kinkos admit to pigging out during a movie.