1. Good- organized; Bad- boring

2. Good- interesting to look at; Bad- doesnt look like anything

3.Good- represents something; Bad- doesnt have any meaning, purpose 

4. Good- visual appealing; Bad- ugly

5. Good- impacts feelings; Bad- dont understand 

6. Good- portrays beauty; Bad- something thats been slopped together 

7. Good- beautiful; Bad- ugly 

8. Good- something that influences you: Bad- you don’t receive anything from it, does nothing for you. 

9. Good- looks good; Bad- looks lame 

10. Good- you can tell what it is; Bad- you look at it and cant tell what your looking at

11. Good-took time and though; Bad- looks last minute and rushed 

12. Good- genuine; Bad- cliche 

13. Good- original; Bad-seen it a thousand times

14. Good- good arts something i could look at all day everyday and never get bored looking at it; Bad- boring doesnt hold my attention. 

15. Good- causes you to want to go make art; Bad- doesnt do anything 

16. Good- relaxing, easy on the eyes; Bad- unskilled 

17. Good- anything that catches my eye, looking interesting or makes me feel anything really. Doesnt have to be anything really artsy, could be as simple as a photo of a field; Bad- anything ive seen already, it could be really good and look super realistic if its a painting but if there are one hundred of them whats the point. 

18. Good/Bad- another mans trash is another mans treasure

19. Good- simplicity; Bad- over thought 

20. Good- honest thought and craftsmanship; Bad- something that has a stretch meaning, yeah anything can be “art” but that doesnt mean it wont be terrible.