One of the first images that caught my eye today at the gallery was the Death, Rebirth montage. The aspect of the image that caught my eye was the beautiful water coloring done in the background of the montage. Now there were several other images that also used the water-color background but Death, Rebirth’s color was darker and more contrasty to me. After spending more time with the montage the purpose or message was made pretty clear to me. The montage was made up with images dealing with death and rebirth just as the title indicates. There were images with babies and a flower which tome I connected with rebirth, some flowers re-bloom every year and babies are the start of a new life. The images of dead animals and a mummified body obvious represented the death portion of the montage. Some of the more difficult details of the montage that took some thinking were the images of a monk and some sail boats. The sailboats were somewhat easier to connect to death and rebirth as the body is sometimes referred to as a vessel carrying the soul to the after life. Also as a class we were talking about this piece and someone said the sailboat could represent a journey, the journey through life. The monk I was lost on. Someone in class was talking about how they also didn’t understand the monk and then thought maybe the monk represented or gave the montage a relaxing feel to it which fits with trying to come to piece when death is upon us. On the birth side of things the monk could also represent a calming and peaceful feeling. Birth isn’t usually thought of as something tragic. Over all the montage Death, Rebirth was one of the images that grabbed my attention out of the bunch. This montage also seemed like one of the more straight forward messages behind it.