I found there was a ton of information about all three artists. Each article/ interview gave insight into how each artist made the journey to where they are now and what they are creating. Each artist had their own path they took. I find it very interesting how each artist’s mind ticks, how they go about creating art and how they decide to display it. In the Andre Verlon reading he goes on to talk about the different montage techniques and where they came from. He then starts to talk about how he thinks that the communication of ideas in today’s society is by visual means. I feel that he thinks people only think of art as something visual and nothing else but for him artistic expression has become a spiritual matter of how to represent content. The Andre Verlon reading for me had a more expressive feel to it. In the Rosler interview I really liked how she uses different mediums. She uses everything from film, photography, installation, audio to making post cards and mailing them to people.  She was asked about her choice of medium and her response made so much sense to me, she said, ” I choose the appropriate medium”. Now that might sound pretty straight forward and common sense but I feel like some many artist try to express their ideas and feelings which aren’t always the same  using the same medium. I sometime feel like artist will discover a medium they love and that’s it, they only create using one technique. Now there isn’t anything wrong with that at all. I just found Rosler’s view on medium as each being a different tool to just make so much more sense. Each idea we come up with could be so much more depending on the medium we choose. This idea really hit home to me, every piece of artwork I make could have so much more potential depending on how I choose to display it to the world. Going back to Andre Verlon with this idea he talked about how his work can be divided into four different kinds of techniques. He uses classic montage, collage, montage painting and synths with other montage techniques. This isn’t exactly the same as changing mediums all together but the idea is there. I find to many artist creating different work that looks to similar to their other older pieces. This idea of using every skill we have as artists I think is forgotten because we think we have to choose a discipline and only make art using that one skill set, just an idea I couldn’t shake after reading the three articles. Another really awesome concept I read about was in the Baldessari interview about when he is talking about moving from painting to photography he did away with the stand print sizes like 8×10 and 16×24, that’s awesome and really sets work apart. This is what art means to me is not having to your photographs fit this standard. I think we sometimes forget things like that. Also when he started altering his viewfinders and composing his images using shapes like triangles. I think that’s so awesome and could create some interesting and unique images. All three readings different information and different ideas but one thing I took away from it all or what all three articles caused me to think about was how many resources we have to create with.