The concept behind my project was to display the relationship and evolution of painting to photography and also how we view art today opposed to in the past. Art is always changing, everything about it. In the past before photography was invented, things that needed to be visually documented like portraits or landscapes were done with painting or drawing. Today all we do it pull a camera or iPhone out and one second later we have an image. Granted there are different sides to this but for the broad idea visual documentation has developed from painting to photo. My idea behind my montage was to show this by having someone getting their portrait done by someone painting it, then have a camera taking photograph of the painter and the subject all at once. I then added picture frames to each image/ scene to show how art is thought to be seen. With the internet blasting its way through history everything is online including art. Art galleries are setting up online galleries now. So i put my entire montage on the screen of a computer saying that art is still seen hanging on a wall but its also on your computer screen.

My montage is made up of both scanned and downloaded images I found and also took myself. The computer monitor, and the portrait of the man are scanned images i found. The colorful background is an image i personally took. The old women painting, DSLR and picture frame were all found on the internet. The hardest part was finding the right images to work together and then having to change the perspective of each so that each image worked with one another.

Trying to create an image or idea you have in your head to paper or screen is always a challenge and usually never works out first attempt. After multiple drafts and sketches i finally committed to a design and slowly began to composite images that fit together and then using photoshop to piece everything together nicely to give the montage some sort of togetherness. But by far the hardest thing other than finding the images was finding images with similar perspectives.

I think one of my strengths on this project was providing the image with a 3D feel. Having the right perspectives helped tremendously in making this montage look like you were looking at a scene with a camera taking a picture of a painter painting and the painters subject all in one framed image.

I think my image quality could be improved a little and also maybe having a stronger concept behind the montage.