Gender Advertisement            

          Gender Advertisements by Erving Goffman was a very dense in depth look into his study of how gender is represented in advertisements. For me atleast the reading was hard to follow at times and I had a hard time comprehending everything being said. Erving Goffman was a very intelligent individual with some very interesting points about how the male and female figures, mainly female figures were pictured in advertisements. A very interesting point he talked about was how human behavior can be seen as a display. He describes a display in animals as an emotionally motivated behavior that provides us with a readable expression of the animals situation. This can be applied to humans because the way we act in front of someone informs them about how we are feeling, our social identity and mood but with humans things aren’t that simple. Goffman goes on to say how we learn to be objects with a character, basically saying we act a certain way because thats what we’ve been taught/learned. Another great point made in the article is that ” Advertisement depict for us not necessarily ho we actually behave as men and women behave. This depiction servers the social purpose of convincing us that this is how men and women are, or want to be, or should be, not only in relation to themselves but relations to each other.” I thought this was a very interesting point made, suggesting that I act the way I do as a man because thats the way I’ve seen men in advertisements act. Raises a very interesting question that do we only act the way we do solely because we learned how to act? The article raises some great points and really makes us think about how influential advertisements are on us.

The Society of The Spectacle

          This article was very confusing and i didn’t really understand the point being made. I did my best at trying to comprehend and understand the numbered sections. All of the numbered paragraphs which ranged in length, from a few short sentences to full paragraphs towards the end. I notice a lot of the paragraphs were talking about the economy, quality or production with some deep philosophical statements scattered throughout. Like number nine for instance, ” 9- In a world that really has been turned on its head, truth is a moment of falsehood”. To be honest i don’t really know what is being said by this but it made stop and think about it for a while. I think maybe they were saying while we are lied to to about everything even the truth isn’t true anymore. This article was defiantly a challenge to take in.