The advertisement i would like to talk about is the Ray Lewis 3D Under Armour billboard. Anyone driving on I-95s cant miss it, right before the tunnel and its 3D! The fact that the billboard isn’t just a flat advertisement really allows it to stand out. The billboard is Ray Lewis’s face coming out of the billboard tearing it,screaming while he’s wearing his Ravens jersey with a big-ol Under Armour logo right next to him. Also along the bottom of the billboard it says, “welcome to Baltimore”.

The audience for this ad is defiantly and almost strictly people in motor vehicle considering its on a major highway. You can tell because well for one its on the highway and secondly its very straight to the point and simple for someone traveling at 65 mph to be able to see the image and connect with what is being advertised.

I believe the targeted audience for this billboard is male athletes ages 16 and up. Basically Ray Lewis isnt just a football player that happens to play for the Ravens, he’s a hall of famer, he’s a Baltimore icon like Cal Ripkin Jr. Also Under Armour is a Baltimore based company. Having such a successful athlete like Ray Lewis promoting your company in the home town is an excellent way to advertise. At age 16 i feel is the age where young males start to get into sports on a more serious note.