For my ad, i decided to tackle the issue of junk food in movie theaters. I currently work at a movie theater and constantly see people just pigging out on junk food. I find it disturbing that with todays over weight problems people still make the poor decision to over eat on the junk food. So i decided the take the line, “a pictures worth one thousand words” and twist it with “a picture (like motion picture) is worth one thousand calories”. I did this in hopes to raise attention to what we eat while sitting down and doing nothing. I decided to shoot the photo in a movie theater with my subject completely pigging out on popcorn, nachos, candy, soda and a hot dog. I put ketchup and mustard and crumbs on his face and popcorn in his lap to give it that slob like feel. For the public space i thought it would be funny to place the ad in the theater lobby in one of the movie poster cases. I printed my ad at 24″x36″ which was actually still to small but i made it work. it was funny to see people walk by with arms full of snacks and then laugh about themselves. I also had the employee at Kinkos admit to pigging out during a movie.