Path to National Map


I decided to create my map based off of a trip i took last year with Towson University’s Roller Hockey Club to Salt Lake City Utah for the NCRHA national championship. I’ve never traveled off of the east coast before so flying out to Utah was an extremely memorable trip for me. Once i started placing all of the major stops it made me realize how much travel was involved between all of the airports and connecting flights. The map it self is fairly straight forward, I chose all of the major stops and destinations of the trip and marked them on the Google Maps’s map. Using the Google Map helped to narrow down some idea for the final project/image. I thought i had an idea for the final map using a hockey rink and the images from the google map but when i sat down and started to placed everything together things just didn’t look the way i had imagined so it was back to the drawing board. I was stumped for a while, creating a handful of different designs but not like any of them. I finally decided on a design which consisted of taking a blank United States map and transforming it in photoshop to give the illusion of depth. I also enlarged the state of Maryland to show the actual stop because Maryland doesnt have a lot of open space to work with. This was starting to look more like what i had in mind. I still used the photos of each stop from the google map but them placed each image on a polaroid giving them a more photo feel. I also wrote the location and title of each stop across the bottom of the Polaroid. After getting all of the photos where i wanted i opened to file in illustrator which was where the most difficulties showed up. Small tasks were difficult for me and became very frustrating but once i started things eased up. I darkened each state that we stopped in with grey not color so that it didn’t interfere with the color coordinated dots on each photo.