I went decided to go with the drink more water idea and I’m some what pleased with the results. My purpose behind the project/ ad was to raise peoples awareness to drinking more water. More people should be reaching for a glass of FREE water or filling up a water bottle with FREE water. The cost benefits of drinking water are enough alone but my main point was increase peoples health. Like i stated in my earlier post about my idea, around seventy five percent of Americans are walking around dehydrated everyday. So i wanted to create another witty imagine to try and make people stop and think ands hopefully go for a water instead of a sugary soda or energy drink. So my plan was to create an enticing image of a refreshing glass of water and print this huge (24×36”) glass of water and place is by some vending machines. I also played around and switched little sayings i was going to put in the water. I started with the seventy five percent stat but decided against it an went with a more well know slogan, “it does a body good”. Getting the text to read the right way and not look written across the image was challenging as well.  Well i’ve printed large before and I decided last minute to change my mind and try printing this glass of water on transparency. Unfortunately The largest transparency i could come up with was 8×10″ but it still looked pretty cool. Now for the hardest part of this entire project….finding a place to put this transparency. Little did I know how much more difficult it was to place this somewhere and it still be legible. Fortunately the 8×10’s weren’t too expensive so i was able to have three of them printed and decided i would put up multiple images instead of just one large one. I placed one on this opaque backlight window, one on a tile wall and one inside of a refrigerator. All in all I’m kind of 50/50 on the project. i think a larger transparency print would have been cooler.


Water Glass location 1 location 2 location 3